Fair Wish (FAQ)

Fair Wish (FAQ)

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Q1. How to use Fair Wish tablet? Is there any side effect of using Fair Wish skin whitening tablets?

Ans. Fair Wish skin whitening  tablets comes in a special pack of two bottles (A &B).Consume one tablet from bottle A in morning and one tablet from bottle B in evening. No there is no side effects in using Fair Wish Skin Whitening tablets.

Q2. Is fair wish tablet safe?

Ans. Fair wish tablet is 100% safe and effective to use,as well as  all the ingredients of Fair Wish Tablets are naturally occurring nutritional supplements.

Q3. What should be the duration/course for Fair Wish Tablets?

Ans. Duration of intake varies depending on your skin colour:

        * medium brown: ~1-3 months
        * dark brown skin: ~3-6 months
        * very dark skin: ~6-12 months
        * black skin: at least 2 years

Q4. Is it fine to take a higher dosage to what is usually required or prescribed by the experts? 

Ans. Glutathione is water-soluble, meaning that if there would be an excessive amount of intake it would still be excreted through urine. On the other hand, there is still no reported case or documentation about Glutathione overdose. 

Q5. What makes fair wish tablets different compared to other whitening pills / capsules? 

Ans. Unlike other whitening pills / capsules ,Fair Wish tablets don’t just concentrate on whitening of the skin itself, it is also an anti oxidant and anti aging pill which makes us healthy and stress free with No harmful effects on the body and is recommended by eminent dermatologist and doctors for people with liver problems too.

Q6. Is it ok to continue your regular skin regimen such as applying of creams, lotions, gels while taking Glutathione?

Ans. Yes! Because these products can also help you enhance your smooth and supple white skin. 

Q7. Are the whitening effects of the Glutathione permanent? Will my skin tone go back to its original color once I stop using it? 

Ans. In taking care and maintaining something in our body, you must have a healthy habit and discipline to stay with the ideal effects that we want. Therefore, we must take 1 tablet a day for our maintenance and we should not expose ourselves from the harmful rays of sun. 

Q8. In regards to the exposure of sunlight, will it affect the whitening process? 

Ans. Even though the sunlight was said that it provides vitamin D, everyone is aware of the depletion of the ozone layer, and anything that is over wouldn’t have a better result in the body. In fact too much exposure will increases the melanin pigments in the skin, thus, might delay the whitening process. It’s not really bad to be exposed to sunlight as long as we have protection such as sun block. 

Q9. I wanted to see the results fast and also want to Loose weight while I am taking the whitening tablet & is it ok to take diet / slimming pills or other products? 

Ans. As it was stated above Fair Wish  is a Skin whitening tablet that is considered to be a safe & Effective Food supplement which is 100% Safe. Therefore it is fine to take it with other vitamins, supplements and other medications except for anti-psychotic drug and chemotherapeutic drug. 

Q10. Is Fair Wish Tablets safe for young adults (teenagers)? 

Ans. Yes, certainly for Fair Wish Tablets is considered as a supplement and anti oxidant. Therefore it is 100% safe to be taken by young teens who also want to have a fairer skin.Moreover Teenager age is the best time to control &  prevents from Dark Complexion 

Q11. Is it much better to take Fair Wish Tablets with an empty stomach or should I eat my meal first before taking it? 

Ans. Research has proved that it is much better to take the whitening capsules with an empty stomach. Because an empty stomach can fully absorb the pills contents compared when you have eaten your meal already because there are already substances present in your stomach that might alter the process of absorption. 

Q12. How can I get this Fair Wish Tablets?

Ans. You can contact us on Toll Free number :1800-2700-436/91-9643833886