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Hair Mantra

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Q1. What is Hair Mantra and is it safe to use?

Ans. Hair mantra is an AYURVEDIC ,100% NATURAL SAFE & EFFECTIVE Hair oil With medicinal properties and is not like anyother oil currently being sold in the market. It is a medicinal Ayurvedic Hair Oil which is manufactured from the extracts of the rarest herbs found in the nature and though it’s obvious but is further certified that Hair Mantra Ayrvedic Medicinal Oil is non Hazardous and does not contain any toxic material.

Q2. What makes Hair Mantra Oil different compared to other Hair oils?

Ans. Hair Mantra Oil’s composition is the TRADITIONALLY ACCEPTED FORMULATION derived from the VEDAS for the control & management of Hair Issues Such as Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, Less Hair Growth, Baldness & Pre-mature greying of hairs.

Q3. How to use Hair Mantra Oil?

Ans. Directions for HAIR MANTRA use:

Adults- 20-40 Drops of Hair Mantra Oil has to be applied directly on the roots of hair/Scalp daily with gentle massage, preferably with no combing. Keep the bottle away from Heat.

Q4. What about Efficacy of Hair Mantra Oil?

Ans. Use Hair Mantra medicinal herbal Oil regularly and in the prescribed way for 8-10 weeks helps in the growth of new hair. If used properly Hair Mantra herbal Oil starts arresting hair fall within 10-15 days.

Q5. Is Hair Mantra Oil applied to wet or dry hair?

Ans. Hair Mantra Oil is advisable to be applied on dry hair and scalp.

Q6. How long do I leave Hair Mantra Oil on my hair/scalp?

Ans. Hair Mantra Oil can be used as a leave-in-conditioner. The longer you leave the oil on your hair/scalp,More your hair and scalp will benefit from the ayurvedic herbs and better results you will get.

Q7. I am on medication, can I use Hair Mantra Oil?

Ans.Yes, our products are made from natural herbal and is safe for use if you are taking any medication or even pregnancy & Lactation.HAIR MANTRA HERBAL OIL doesn't have any Drug interaction. 

Q8. What is the problem of baldness? How can we prevent this problem?

Baldness is loss of hair from the head. Baldness is usually noticeable on the scalp, but can occur anywhere on the body. The condition is more common in men than in women

More and More people are turning towards Ayurveda for their hair loss/hair fall which is also known as Alopecia or baldness. Hair loss is known as Khalitya in Ayurveda. People who have excess Pitta in their body are likely to lose their hair early in life, or have prematurely thin or grey hair. Excess Pitta in the sebaceous gland at the root of the hair or folliculitis can lead to hair loss.

Hair Mantra has magical ingredients such as Amla, GarlicDry, OninonDry, Jatun, Til Oil, Netle Dry, Capsicum Dry, Adhrak, Aloevera. One study from the Journal of Dermatology found that after 4 weeks of using above mentioned ingredients, 74% of individuals with ‘alopecia areata/ Baldness experienced significant hair re-growth, and within 6 weeks of use 84% of the individuals were reported to have hair re-growth.

Q9. How can I get this Hair Mantra Oil?

Ans. You can contact us on Toll Free number :1800-2700-436/91-9643833886