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Hair fall is a serious problem for both men and women though it is more widely prevalent in men. For a woman, healthy hair represents feminity. For a man, the abundance of hair on the head is a sign of youthfulness and vigour. Hair loss can be embarrassing and hamper one’s self esteem and confidence. Some types of hair loss can be caused by alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder.When treated early hair loss can be reduced and even stopped completely

What does Ayurveda say about Hair Fall? 

More and More people are turning towards Ayurveda for their hair loss/hair fall which is also known as alopeciaor baldness. Hair loss is known as Khalitya in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, hair is a by product of bone formation, and the tissue responsible for building bones is also responsible for the growth of hair. Early hair loss is related to body type and the balance of the Doshas.

People who have excess Pitta in their body are likely to lose their hair early in life, or have prematurely thin or grey hair. Excess Pitta in the sebaceous gland, at the root of the hair, or folliculitis can lead to hair loss. Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is aimed at pacification of Pitta through a customized diet and lifestyle regime, along with medication.


HAIR MANTRATM is not like any other oil currently being sold in the market. It is a medicinal Ayurvedic Hair Oil which is manufactured from the extractcts of the rare herbs found in the nature and though it’s obvious but it is further certified that HAIR MANTRATM Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil is non Hazardous and does not contain any toxic material.

HAIR MANTRATM oil’s composition is the traditionaly accepted formulation derived from the VEDAS for the control & management of Hair Issues Such as Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, Less Hair Growth, Baldness.

HAIR MANTRATM has magical ingredients which can cause miracle. Some of the golden herbs of HAIR MANTRATM includes -

Onion and garlic dry 

One study from the Journal of Dermatology found that after 4 weeks of using onion juice, 74% of individuals with ‘alopecia areata’ experienced significant hair re-growth, and within 6 weeks of using onion juice, 84% of the individuals were reported to have hair re-grow. Onion and garlic hair mask for growth and repair has the best benefit of preventing hair loss. Hair loss is a major problem faced by many women because of hard water, wrong shampoos and so on. The onion juice helps to prevent hair loss by making the cuticles stronger and onion has certain chemicals in it which helps to stop hair from falling by making them stronger and thicker. Both onion juice and garlic extracts have certain anti-fungal properties and anti-bodies which help to prevent any dandruff or scalp problem which leads to stunted hair growth and hair loss. Onion and Garlic hair mask for growth and repair helps to stimulate the cuticles and enhance the hair growth. You will find a gradual difference in the hair growth and the hair loss will also be very low.


It is considered to be the best herb for pacification of pitta dosha as it is the most important reason for hair problem as per Ayurveda. This fruit serves as the richest natural source of Vitamin C and contain Anti-Oxidants which help to remove toxins from body.

Sesamum/Til Oil

This oil is extracted from the sesamum flower and it is very nourishing and healing, in fact, is enriched with Vitamin B complex & Vitamin E and contains different minerals such as calcium, magnesium, proteins and even phosphorus, and this is the reason why it works great for scalp and hair growth, and can strengthen the hair roots giving deep nourishment.  Sesame oil soothes and calms the tissues, acting as a coolant, and working from within the hair follicle thus moisturing and preventing dryness.

Ginger extracts

Ginger acts by reducing the hair loss and by making your roots stronger. It Stimulates hair growth. Not only does ginger reduce hair loss, but it increases blood circulation to the scalp, also making hair silky and shiny at the same time, Fights dandruff -Ginger contains natural antiseptic properties which help to fight dandruff issues, CURE Split ends- With its anti-oxidants, ginger can seriously help to repair any split ends and dry hair problems.


Use of HAIR MANTRATM medicinal herbal Oil regularly and in the prescribed way for 8-10 weeks helps in the growth of new hair. If used properly HAIR MANTRATM herbal Oil starts arresting hair fall within 3-4 days.


Adults - 20-40 Drops of HAIR MANTRATM oil has to be applied directly on the roots of hair /Scalp daily with gentle massage, preferably with no combing .Keep the bottle away from Heat.

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Hair Mantra 40 ml

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