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Gluco Arrest

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Q1. What is Gluco Arrest ? How Does it work?

Ans. Gluco Arrest is the Diabetic Drop in Drop form 100% safe combination of herbs which have been known to lower the blood glucose in Diabetic patients since ancient times. Gluco Arrest Drops has Vijayasar,Jamun Beej, mango seed ,karela,jamun, Gurmar patti, neem, Shilajeet and Methi which has great potential to lower the blood glucose in case of hyperglycemia. These herbs have the potential to regenerate the cells of pancreas which secrete the insulin. These herbs have the property to stimulate the glucose uptake by the body cells. Gluco Arrest has no side effects at all.

Q2. Is Gluco Arrest Safe?

Ans. Gluco Arrest is completely safe for the patients. It does not bring sugar level below the normal range and does not cause hypoglycemia. Which is a commonest side effect of allopathic medicine.

Q3. At what level or Age,Gluco Arrest can be started ?

Ans. Even if you are Pre-Diabetic you should start taking Gluco Arrest Drops. Gluco Arrest can be taken by the patients who are Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic. Gluco Arrest works well in case of very high glucose level in Blood like 300mg/dl to 400mg/dl.

Q4. What is the dose of Gluco Arrest?

Ans. 10 to 15 drops daily twice a day before breakfast or Empty stomach or Consult you physician before use.

Q5. How much time does it take to show the results of Gluco Arrest?

Ans. It takes minimum three week’s time to observe the results of Gluco Arrest. This can even happen earlier also.

Q6. Should I take Gluco Arrest Drops along with my other medicines, even if my blood sugar is under control?

Ans. Yes. Because diabetes is a disorder  which harms and damages major organs. Even if sugar is under control you medicines cannot protect other organs. So adding Gluco Arrest Drops to you therapy is important for every diabetic.

Q7. How long can I take Gluco Arrest Drops?

Ans. Since diabetes is a disorder which harms and damages all major organs, it should be taken all through the life as it protects organs from the damages of diabetes and revitalizes our organs for further loses.

Q8. Is there any reaction between allopathic medicine and Gluco Arrest Drops?

Ans. No. Since this is a pure herbal product, there is no drug interaction between allopathic medicine/insulin and Gluco Arrest Drops. You can take them together with a gap of 15 minutes between the tablets or you can consult your Dr. before use.

Q9. Can I use  Gluco Arrest Drops for lifelong in diabetes?

Ans.  Yes.  Gluco Arrest Drops is a pure & 100% Natural Ayurvedic Drops and highly effective & safe. So, it can be taken for long periods without any side effects and also ensures long and healthy life and preserves the lost  vigor and vitality in the deadly disease Diabetes.

Q10. How do I adjust my medicines?

Ans. Do not stop any medication after starting  Gluco Arrest Drops. Get your blood sugar levels checked periodically in every 15 days. Once the sugar is under control your doctor will automatically reduce the allopathic tablets gradually and slowly over a period.

Q11. I am on insulin,Can I use  Gluco Arrest Drops?

Ans. Yes. Eventually Gluco Arrest Drops as an adjuvant with insulin because, Ayurveda herbs increase the insulin sensitivity reduce the insulin resistance in the body, protect kidneys, liver and heart from further damage and deterioration. Unlike allopathic side effect.

Q12. when can I stop taking Gluco Arrest Drops?

Ans. Anytime.

Q13. How can I get this Gluco Arrest Drops?

Ans. You can contact us on Toll Free number :1800-2700-436/91-9643833886